Welcome to Devil Dood Direct, the home of Devil Dood Designs and Devil Dood Deli.

Our aim is simple, to bring the very best products the pet industry has to offer all in one place. The healthiest chews, the toughest toys and, of course, the most stylish accessories!

We are slowly expanding to become the ultimate one stop dog shop - if you there is anything you'd love to see us to stock then send us a message!


Who are we?

Devil Dood Direct is run by me, Emily, with the help of my three little dogs, Rhapsody the Miniature Poodle, Colin, the Devil Dood (technically a Poodle x Border Collie but trust me, Devil Dood is more appropriate!) and new addition Arnie the whippet puppy. I run everything from our Army Quarters in Suffolk with a little help from my husband and friends! I handmake all the DDD accessories and personally pack every single Deli Subscription Box and Direct order.

Sev from @spaniellife with his Chew Trial box

So what makes us different?

Every single item we stock is a product that we love and think will improve your dogs' lives in one way or another! We throughly test all our products, either ourselves or through specifically chosen testers to make sure we only stock the best of the best. Check out our Tried and Tested page for some 100% honest reviews!

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